About Factory

With our Business partners DS Production & Distribution we decided to make a milk factory in Senegal. Our strategy is to automate the entire chain using very good packaging in addition to providing quality products; as a result, we are equipping ourselves with the latest generation technology to perfect the logistics centers that manage very large volumes and thus boost the performance of the automation of our warehouses.

This then allows us to provide quality service such as after-sales follow-up, transport, support and assistance to respond pragmatically and effectively to the needs of all our customers, from the most basic to the most complex. here and elsewhere.

High-tech solutions make the entire food supply chain more efficient and profitable.

SCS Environment

We are committed to safeguarding our environment and protecting our planet.At SCS Swiss Commercial GmbH, we pay special attention to environmental issues and, therefore, to being eco-responsible. It is for this reason that we place particular emphasis on this area which we consider very important for our consumers and which brings us closest to our objective of contributing to the reduction of our environmental impact, increasing health and safety. in order to achieve a safer and healthier environment.