Brazilian and Eastern Europe Sugar

Specifications Product

Icumsa 45 white refined cane sugar shall conform with the following specifications and/or international standard specifications:

ICUMSA 45: White refindes cane sugar, ICUMSA 45
Specification: Fit for human consumption
Polarization: 99.80% min
Moisture: 0.04% max
Sulphateash content: 0.04% max
Granulation: medium to fin
Solublity: 100% dry and free flowing
Radiation: normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine
Color: certified sparkling white
Sediment: none
Smell: Free of any odor
Reducing sugar: 0.05% max by weight
SO2: 22 PPM max
Substance: Solid, crystal
Magnetic particles: MG/Kg max
Max AS: 1 PPM
Max PS: 2 PPM
Max CU: 3 PPM
HPN staphylococcus aureus: nil
Free from: Mold, unnatural odors, chemicals and insects
Seed/Husks: Phytosanitary certificate of no radiation, no virus, no insect parts, no poisonous matters and GMO not present: suitable for human consumption
Packing: To secure the safety of the commodity during sea transportation, the sugar ist to be packed in new 50 kg net double sacks, being one sack of polypropylene and palletized. Tare weight shall be 160g min. Uniformity of bagged net weight is of the essence. 2% spare bags shall be supplied free of charge.
Prices are CIF aswp (any safe world part). We directly represent sugar mills from Brazil and Eastern Europe. Serious buyers only.