White Rice fit for human consumption

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You can choose the Rice Quality 5%,15% and 25% brocken and the Origin Vietnam,Tailand, Pakistan or Burma
Paking: Double PP Bags
Delivery: CIF or FOB

Specification for 25% Brocken Burma Rice

Broken Basis 3/4 grain: 25.00% max
Damaged: 2.00% max
Yellow: 1.50% max
Chalky: 8.00% max
Red & red streaked kernel: 7.00% max
Immature kernel: 1.50% max
Impurities: 0.50% max
Paddy grain per kg: 30.00% max
Moisture: 14.50% max
Whole kernel lenght: >=40%
Average lenght of rice grain (basis whole grain): 6.2 mm
Milling degree: ordinary