Instant full cream milk powder

We produce a range of milk powders including skim milk powder according to customers' specific requirements. This facility uses the latest technology. Almost all the milk powder manufactured at the site is sold on the international market

Packing: Multiply 25 kg paper bags with poly inner liner
Origin: European
Conditioning: CIF "port of destination" of FOB
Quantity: About 25 mt per 40' container/about 16-18 mt per 20' container
Remark: Goods are fit for human consumption, in accordance with E.U. hygiene regulations 852 + 3/2004.

Specification on full cream milk powder

Specification: Vitamins D3 (Cholecalciferol) 500 I.U.
Spay dried/ADPI extra grade quality
Instant type - Vitamins A & D3 added
Chemical Characteristics: Butterfat: 28.1% min
Moisture: 3.0% max
Protein (KJN*6.38): 24.0% min
Lactose: 34.0% min
Minerals/Ashes: 7.0% max
Lecithin: 0.2% max
Microbiological Characteristics: Totale Plate Count: 10.000/g max
Salmonella: negative/25g
Enterobacteriae: 10/g max
Moulds: 100/g max
Yeasts: 100/g max
Staphylococcus Aureus: 10/g max
Physical Characteristics: PH: min 6.1 - max 6.8 in 10% soulution
Scorched Particles: Disc A (7.5 mg), ADPI
Wettability: 25°C max 30 sec.
Bulk density: max 0.52 g/cm3
Contaminations: Antibiotics negative
Product Information: Appearance free flowing, free of lumps other than those which break up under slight pressure. Taste & flavour creamy milky with no off-flavors. Colour white to creamy white.
GMO not present/not applicable
Nutritional Value (per 100 g) Energy (kJ) 2106
Energy (kcal) 504
Vitamins A (Retinol) 2100 I.U. min

Specification on skimmed milk powder

Milk powder is of homogeneous texture without lumps. It shall be of white to creamy colour; other inappropriate colours shall not be found. Taste and flavor of the product shall be sweet and creamy, no unpleasant tastes and flavors are allowed.

Quality shall meet the DSTU (State Standard) 4273:2003 and following specifications:

Moisture: max 4%
Fat: max 1.5% (max 25% - whole milk)
Lactose: min 50%
Protein: min 32% (26.0% - whole milk)
Carbohydrates: 50% (37.5% - whole milk)
Moisture: max 4%
Energy value: 341.5 (479.0 - whole milk) ckal/100g
Corched Particles: Disc B
Titrable Acidity: max °T-20
Whey Protein nitrogen: 1.51 - 599 mg/g
Ash: No more 8.8%
Solublity Index: 0.2 ml on cm3 sediment
Total Plate Count: max 50,000/g
Salmonella: absent in 25g
Coliform: absent in 0.1g
Antibiotics: absent (by Delvotest)
Chloramfenicol: absent, ELIS method
Radioactivity: max 50 Bq/kg
Shel life: 8 month from the date of production
Packing: Bags 25kg Four lines paper bags in one line of polyethylene.
Storage Conditions: To be from 0°C to 10°C and humidity not high 85%.
MOQ is 1*40'' - 25MT or 1*20'' - 16 MT.