European Bread Flour

Our partner is one of the leading wheat flour producers and exporters of Europe. Its daily production capacity is 300 metric tons of wheat flour from modern production facilities. The production facilities are strategically located to ensure the fastest and most effective delivery of the products to the main transport points. We are already exporting flour to about 15 countries around the world.

  • Origin: Europe
  • Net Weigth: 50 kg
  • Packing: PP + Kraft Paperbags
  • Certification: HCCP and ISO 9001

Quality Specification:

  • Type: High Gluten
  • Grade: First
  • Protein: 11.50 % min. (Nx 5.7, on dry basis)
  • Moisture: 14 % max.
  • Ash: 0.65 % max.
  • Gluten: 27 % min.

Certificate and Documents

Each vehicle with the Commodity batch is accompanied by the following documents:

  • 1. Original of the accompanying travel warrant (CMR) for the shipped Commodity, certified by the customs stamp in the place of dispatch
  • 2. Commercial invoice English 2 original
  • 3. Original Quality Certificate, issued by the laboratory of the manufacture
  • 4. Original of Quality Certificate issued by the State Grain Inspection in European Country
  • 5. Original of the Certificate of Commodity Origin
  • 6. Original of the Phytosanitary Certificate
  • 7. Original of the export CCD
  • 8. Certificate SGS or VERITAS