How We Cooperate when Selling Cement

  • 1. The Seller issues a Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to the Buyer.
  • 2. The Buyer issues an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO).
  • 3. The Seller issues a draft contract to the Buyer.
  • 4. The Buyer returns revised draft contract to the Seller, via fax or email.
  • 5. The Seller reviews and confirms any changes made in draft contract by the Buyer. If the Seller agrees to the changes made by Buyer, the Seller issues the final binding contract via fax or email.
  • 6. The Buyer returns the final agreed contract duly signed and sealed via email or fax.
  • 7. The Seller will then scan the fully signed, sealed and initialed Contract and email or fax the “Soft Copies” to the Buyer.
  • 8. The buyer comes to Zurich, Switzerland and signs the original contract.
  • 9. The Buyer will then, within 7 days after signing the Hard Copies, open an acceptable operative payment instrument to the Seller’s bank.
  • 10. Standards Authority Certification will be produced Bank to Bank for authentication.
  • 11. Shipping of the cement will commence within thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days from date of Seller’s receipt of the acceptable operative payment instrument.