Prices (Caution: prices may vary)

Total Volume/MT (= Metric Ton) Monthly Shipments, 12 month contract USD/CIF Price to Port
150,000/MT–300,000/MT 12,500–25,000/MT $85.00 USD/MT
600,000–900,000/MT 50,000/MT–75,000/MT $80.00 USD/MT
1,200,000/MT 100,000/MT $72.00 USD/MT
1,800,000/MT 150,000/MT $69.00 USD/MT

For Spot Order from 12,500 to 25,000 please contact us for the current price.

Cement Factory

Technical Specification of Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement (Origin: Spain) Grade 42.5 N or R according to:

  • British Standard BS 12/1996
  • European Standard EN–197-1/2000
  • United States Standard ASTM C 150


  • 50 kg bags wrapped in Kraft paper waterproof lining
  • Sling bags of 1/2/MT or bulk big bags of 1–2/MT no pallets
Cement Warehouse